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Confluent Case Study | Business Process Automation

By March 3, 2017March 13th, 2017Case Study, PowerApps

The Backstory
A rapidly growing transportation company needed help to automate their business processes. They had an aggressive plan to expand operations and triple their size in just one year.

The Needs
They wanted to keep the backend office staff the same size, while increasing the number of drivers from 50 to over 150. All of their work was 100 percent manual.

The Solution
Confluent worked with the company to understand their current manual process and create a business process automation strategy. Using tablets, they were able to push out customer information and locations to drivers in the field. Confluent pushed the information, and also captured drivers’ hours and travel expenses from the mobile devices. All expenses and billed hours were sent directly into QuickBooks for review and invoicing. In the past this information was faxed or called in to the main dispatch office, and then manually entered into the accounting software.

The dispatch solution of using Excel to keep track of all open jobs needed to be overhauled. Confluent built an application that captures job information online from customers, or from information entered from dispatchers. The new automated solution shows available drivers for the job, along with details in order to match job-specific criteria to certain drivers. This application also allows multiple dispatchers to work on multiple jobs at the same time.

The Results
Through business process automation, the transportation company tripled their size without having to add additional backend staff. They now have real-time reports showing company and driver level detail. The drivers can take pictures of receipts and vehicles, and also enter time off requests from the tablets. The accounting staff only needs to review the details in QuickBooks before invoices go out.

What We Can Do For You
Confluent has success stories like these from industries including transportation, manufacturing, financial, insurance, energy, construction and more. Whether sales, marketing, services, or operations: if your system is tedious and relies on paper and manual input, we can automate any business process to improve communication, data integrity, and — most importantly — your bottom line.