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We frequently meet potential customers who have just endured, or are about to launch into, a new ERP implementation. When we describe the benefits of a Microsoft PowerApps-based solution, there are several common objections:

“I’m pretty sure our ERP system handles all that.”

“This isn’t a top priority right now. I don’t have time to think about anything else.”

“We’ve just spent a ton of money on this new system. I don’t see the need to add anything else anytime soon.”

If those sound like perfectly reasonable responses, please take a moment to consider what PowerApps can do that your ERP can’t—and why you need both.

Many industrial customers are replacing shop floor whiteboards with flat-screen TVs.

  1. Digitize paper forms for optimal workflow. PowerApps is essentially a process automation tool that integrates with your ERP and eliminates paper reporting. No more databases full of duplicate or incomplete entries, confusion over handwritten or unwritten notes, or inefficient paper trails that are hard to track and easy to lose.
  2. Replace whiteboards* with real-time visual management. *And other outdated tracking methods including but not limited to PDFs, digital cameras, clipboards, log books, etc. Your entire team—and your customers—will know the exact status and location of each job without having to ask.
  3. Revitalize Sales and Service teams. One of the great features of PowerApps is the ability to create custom environments for different end user groups. You’ll gain an immediate ROI in productivity alone, and eliminate lost time and money due to excessive downtime, poor communication, and compromised data quality.

On its own, an ERP system won’t minimize errors and maximize profits—and it certainly won’t happen overnight. It can’t standardize processes across multiple locations or solve ongoing communication problems. Particularly for manufacturing and industrial customers, adding PowerApps to the mix changes everything. It’s a low-risk, low-cost investment that produces immediately measurable results.

Why wait another day—much less another year or quarter—to become the best you’ve ever been?

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