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Confluent Featured as Microsoft PowerApps Showcase Partner

By March 3, 2017March 13th, 2017Confluent News, PowerApps


Confluent, a technology firm specializing in business process improvement and automation, is pleased to be featured in the Microsoft PowerApps Partner Solutions Showcase, launched today in conjunction with the product’s move from private preview to general availability.

Today Microsoft is showcasing several of Confluent’s PowerApps solutions designed to automate complex business processes for specific industries and tasks: Industrial Equipment Process Automation, Industrial Pump Repair, Employee Onboarding, and Advanced Resource Scheduling. The PowerApps product team asked Confluent to present their solutions at several recent events, including the 2016 Worldwide Partner Conference and Microsoft Ignite.

“In the year since its private preview release we’ve partnered with great organizations to design and develop several of the largest PowerApps projects in production to date, with four rollouts across North America and Europe,” says Confluent Managing Partner Evan Chaki. “These custom solutions help businesses achieve optimal operational efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes. We’re excited to share what we’ve built so far, and anticipate much broader applications now that it’s generally available.”

“The most exciting part of the platform is what we’re seeing you doing with it,” says James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications, Platform and Intelligence at Microsoft. “[Confluent customer] Integrated Power Systems (IPS), an industry leader in electric motor upkeep, used PowerApps to completely reimagine how they run their business – from delivering quotes to their customers to automating their core electric motor inspection and repair processes.”

“Through business process automation, PowerApps can completely transform workflows, operations, and allow entire industries to reimagine their approach to data capture,” says Confluent Managing Partner Jake Farrell. “Our industry-specific solutions are already in use by several large organizations in the US and UK. We look forward to helping potential customers and fellow partners make the most of this powerful new tool.”

Using Microsoft’s Common Data Service, PowerApps increases productivity and transforms business processes through automated data collection, report generation, ERP and CRM systems integration, and more. “In [our] new solution catalog you can find solutions our partners have built for assisted sales, employee onboarding, quality control, and many more,” says Phillips.

“It’s an exciting time for any organization that wants to save time and money, streamline operations, and mobilize their workforce,” says Chaki. “PowerApps is revolutionary, and this is just the beginning.”


Confluent is a technology consulting firm specializing in complex business process automation and workforce mobilization, improving processes so businesses can operate and scale more efficiently. The company serves midsize to enterprise-level customers worldwide with custom end-to-end solutions leveraging Microsoft products like PowerApps, Dynamics 365, PowerBI, and Flow. They’ve been heavily involved in PowerApps testing and development since the product debuted last November. Learn more at

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