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Got InfoPath?  Then you have landed in the right spot.  In this blog post, I will take you through the question every professional in your shoes is asking themselves now that Microsoft has sunset InfoPath: What’s next?

The short answer? PowerApps.

PowerApps is the new rapid application development platform from Microsoft that works perfectly as either a standalone platform or as an extensibility platform for virtually any other software or service.  Killer side note:  PowerApps works across platforms and form factors from a single code base.  Yep, you heard that correctly.

One app built in PowerApps can run responsively across devices and operating systems:  phone, tablet, computer and web.  Mobile store approval nightmare?  Hardly.  When you make changes to an application and publish it, those changes are immediately available to all users – no app store approval wait time.

So what does this mean for your organization and all of your InfoPath forms?  Don’t fret.  Microsoft has laid out a clear roadmap for InfoPath replacement, and the partner ecosystem is reacting to that direction.  We at Confluent are doubling down on PowerApps, and envision this platform being a major enabler for the digital transformation.

And that transformation for many organizations begins with a replacement of their InfoPath infrastructure. Luckily PowerApps low-code capabilities allow for rapid development, and when coupled with Microsoft Flow and the SharePoint connector, suddenly that transformation is not so daunting.

Want to learn more or get started with PowerApps? Reach out to us!

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